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There are many choices for child care and each has its strengths. Our strength is in our community, our loving staff, and in the work we do every day to make families and their children feel connected to each other and our neighborhood. We use DC as our classroom by visiting museums on the National Mall, having visits by the local fire station to learn about fire safety and checking out hotel kitchens to learn about nutrition. We rely on the historic parks and waterfront in Georgetown to develop a sense of wonder in nature and our community. We visit the local library to reinforce a love of reading in our students.


We also create learning opportunities and community in our space.  Parents are invited to attend our End of Summer Bash, Thanksgiving Feast, Holiday Show, Graduation Ceremony, and many more activities.  While we craft these activities to include learning concepts they also serve to build community for our children and families.  Capital Kids DC is what it is because of the families that make up our community and we love finding ways to engage with parents and children alike.

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