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1. Take a Tour We love showing off our space.  Checking out Capital Kids DC allows you to envision your little one here and helps you decide if our community is the right fit for you!  Learn more about our space here.

2. Join the Waitlist Joining the waitlist secures your place in line for any openings. 

3. Enroll.  It is time to complete some paperwork, pay your first month's tuition, and have the pediatrician complete your child's DC Universal Health Certificate.  You will also gain access to Brightwheel, an app you can use to communicate with teachers, get updates on your little one's day, and pay tuition.


4. First Day/Week.  The first day is a big deal, not only for your little one, but for you as well.  Expect a lot of emotions but feel free to call us as many times as you want or message through Brightwheel to ask for more pictures and videos!  We have plenty of activities throughout the year that include parents.  You are vital as partners in your child's experience and members of our community. Learn more about some of our community activities here


At the end of your first week - and every week thereafter - you will receive a weekly newsletter with pictures from the week as well as an overview of each class's activities during the week.  We will also give you a preview of the upcoming week.

Capitol Hill Caterpillars: 3 months to 12 months.  Our infant program is based on a safe, nurturing, and loving environment. We will work closely with you to ensure we are meeting your baby's evolving needs. We provide equipment and toys that support gross and fine motor development.  Reading and singing are a part of the everyday curriculum, as well going on walks in our neighborhood. 

M Street Monkeys & Foggy Bottom Frogs: 1 and 2 year olds.  For these two young toddler classes, exploring and understanding their environment is vital to a successful development. Through sensory exploration, children develop a better grasp and appreciation the world around them.  Friends in these classes are learning independence and embracing their natural curiosity.

Pennsylvania Ave. Puppies: 2 year olds.  This toddler class in centered around a developmentally appropriate environment. Teacher-guided circle time includes singing songs, a daily calendar, weather, and schedule for the day.  Potty training is a big developmental milestone  we work on in this class.

Pre-Kindergarten: Georgetown Ponies and Rock Creek Robins Class


Georgetown Ponies 2.5 and 3 year olds.  Our PK-3 cohort focuses on problem-solving, artistic expression and character building.  Field trips throughout Washington, DC give students a hands-on approach as they explore their environment through personal experiences. Individualized Learning Assessments are completed two times during the course of the academic year so that you can see your child’s progression.


Rock Creek Robins: 4 and 5 year olds.  Our PK-4 cohort focuses on preparing our students for their next learning environment through a developmentally appropriate curriculum that still allows for plenty of child-led and teacher-led play as well as outside time.  Working in small groups as well as a class-wide activities leads to independence and interaction with peers. During the academic year, we focus on topics such as spelling, writing and basic sentence writing. 


Our goal is to help prepare your child for a lifetime of success through love, attention, and education.  While we would love for our families to stay longer, Kindergarten and primary school are a short few years away.  We will assist you in any way we can to help ensure your little one enrolls in the school of your choosing.  Each year we provide a Kindergarten Seminar to help educate parents on the process of enrolling at area schools as well as to answer any questions regarding the process or options for your child's next steps in learning.  

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